Stars for Haiti

26 01 2010

Did you get the chance to see all of the most famous stars perform different songs for the earthquake victims in Haiti?? I DId 🙂 And it was lovely.. I really enjoyed all the performences 🙂 I didn’t know that the show was on actually.. I just swapped thorugh all my channels at home and suddenly I see Shakira performing (I don’t know the song, but it was beautiful) 🙂 It was not only artists performing. There were also actors there who told different and very sad stories that had occured in Haiti.. It broke my heart to hear about the condition down there.. This is more seriuous than any other thing that we’ve seen so far since 9/11 and the tsunami that hit Sri Lanka and the islands around for some years ago..

This show was so touching 😦 To hear those hard-breaking stories about the people fromm Haiti..




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