RENT <33

26 01 2010

I’m a huge fan of Musical 😀 And at this point I’m a huge fan of the musical RENT by Jonatahn Larson. Have you seen it??

this is the broadway logo

RENT is a rock-musical created by the talented Jonathan Larson who never got to see his how on broadway.. He died a few days before the first show. The musical is about Maureen Johnson, Joanne Jefferson, Mark Chohen, Roger Davis, Tom Collins, Benjamin Coffin, Angel Dumott Schunard and Mimi Márquez who all live in Alphabet City, New York.

Here are some pictures from the motiopn picture and the broadway perfomrmance 😀

This is Angel Dumott Schunard

This is Joanne Jefferson

Adam Pascal as Roger Davis

Anthony Rapp as Mark Cohen

Jesse Martin (Tom Collins)

Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal during "RENT"

Idina Menzel as Maureen Johnson.

From the left: Adam Pascal, Jesse L. Martin and Anthony Rapp

Mimi & Roger outside Life Cafe

Adam Pascal and Jesse L Martin in "La Vie Bohem"

The whole RENT THE MOVIE cast 🙂

Roger & Mimi in love <33

From left -> Roger, Tom, Maureen & Benny

Anthony Rapp in "La Vie Bohem"

Idina Menzen in "La Vie Bohem"

Roger 🙂

The RENT stage <33




"Cuz here she lies, no one kew her words"

In the middel: Roger and Mimi

Tom Collins and Angel Dumott Schunard

The end of "Out Tonight"

"I wanna put on a tight skirt and flirt with a stranger"


Stars for Haiti

26 01 2010

Did you get the chance to see all of the most famous stars perform different songs for the earthquake victims in Haiti?? I DId 🙂 And it was lovely.. I really enjoyed all the performences 🙂 I didn’t know that the show was on actually.. I just swapped thorugh all my channels at home and suddenly I see Shakira performing (I don’t know the song, but it was beautiful) 🙂 It was not only artists performing. There were also actors there who told different and very sad stories that had occured in Haiti.. It broke my heart to hear about the condition down there.. This is more seriuous than any other thing that we’ve seen so far since 9/11 and the tsunami that hit Sri Lanka and the islands around for some years ago..

This show was so touching 😦 To hear those hard-breaking stories about the people fromm Haiti..

Hello everyone

14 01 2010

Hey readers

For the first time I have a blog that I can write about music and other music related things on 🙂 I love music 🙂 And so this is the blog for everyone that loves music 🙂 I’m going to write about artists, talk about the latest musicals etc..

To be honest.. This is a complete music blog. Everything in here are somehow related to music 🙂